Who is Michael Brown?


I’ve been working with mid career workers around the world for nearly 20 years, and over that time have met roughly 10,000 individuals, most of them face to face in the trusted space of a training room. This has given me privileged insight into their hopes and fears, and the challenges they are having to deal with from all directions. The experience has also allowed me to find out what techniques they find most useful in boosting what I call their career mojo.

Before becoming a trainer I spent 15 years in the hospitality business in the UK, where through largely trial and error I worked my way up from being a warehouse supervisor to driving the marketing activity across a chain of 4500 pubs. I developed coping strategies for dealing with the boss from hell and learnt how to deal with corporate dysfunction in its many guises.

This book waves the flag for the mid careerers, whose story is largely untold. In my opinion the Millennials get more attention than they deserve, and there is possibly too much written about Leadership. We forget how the folks in the middle who bear the brunt need to be supported as well. This book is for them.

Click here for more information about Michael’s background as a Leadership Development trainer and Business Skills coach

“Can’t wait for this book to be published”
~ Elena Rodstein

“This is a very powerful list. I can’t wait to see your book getting published!”
~ Vikas Vats

“You’ve struck on a rich seam to focus on!”
~ Ian Walker

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